ARB Rear Bar and Wheel Carrier

ARB’s range of rear bars, rear wheel carriers and jerry can holders provide additional functionality for your 4×4 while delivering high-quality vehicle protection.

4WDs with the spare tyre mounted on the back door can suffer from unnecessary door assembly stress, while a spare wheel located underneath a vehicle can be difficult to access, be more prone to damage and may affect ground clearance when driving off-road. Both of these mounting methods can also be unsuitable if you need a larger tyre size for your vehicle.

Our range of rear bars and wheel carriers relocate the spare tyre onto the bumper assembly via a swing-out carrier. This reduces the risk of damaging your spare tyre while giving you excellent access to your spare – perfect for quick repairs in the great outdoors.

Visit your nearest ARB store and get a quality 4×4 dual wheel carrier installed on your rig today. Our friendly 4×4 experts will make sure you’ve got everything you need for your next off-road adventure.

Key Features

  • Wheel/jerry can carriers can be optioned on either side of the rear bar on most vehicles
  • A single carrier can be fitted, or the rear bar can be installed without any carriers at all. Neat insert panels are used in this instance
  • Twin 33” or a single 35” tyre can be accommodated on most vehicles
  • Carriers are mounted via dual shear pivots for maximum strength
  • Spare tyre is secured to the stud plate with a lock nut with the provision to fit a padlock to secure the stud plate to the carrier
  • Multi fit spare wheel stud system provides flexibility for alternate rim selection
  • Wing sections can be removed and replaced if they sustain damage
  • Incorporates heavy duty towing system, or integration with original equipment tow point on some models
  • Dual, laminated towing points and Hi-Lift jacking points
  • Extruded alloy step section
  • Supplied in a durable powder coat finish with optional colour coding available
  • Provision to mount an optional HF aerial bracket and camp light

* Certain ARB rear bar models may not incorporate all of the above features

Carrier Operation

Carrier Operation

The carriers operate on gas struts that are sufficient to hold each side open in most situations. However, if the vehicle is on an extreme side angle, the locking pin can be engaged to ensure each side remains open.

Easy to Operate

Easy to Operate

The wheel carrier and jerry can holder is easy to operate, and can be opened by pulling a lever. To close, you simply shut it as you would a car door.

Quick, Convenient Access

Quick, Convenient Access

The ARB rear bar system ensures quick, convenient access to the rear of your vehicle.


Rear Bar

Not all vehicles require tyre carriers and jerry can holders. A rear bar alone provides greatly improved protection, versatility and vehicle access. Vehicle specific design ensures excellent ground clearance and departure angles along with a stylish and adventurous look for your 4×4.

Manufactured from steel for maximum strength, an ARB rear bar features a centre recess to accommodate various sized tyres (mounted on factory tyre carriers) along with dual Hi-Lift jacking points and a low slip tread to facilitate easy access to both the roof and inside of the vehicle.


  • Why should I install a spare wheel carrier on my 4x4?

    4×4 spare wheel carriers reduce unnecessary stress on your vehicle’s back door assembly, which is common when the spare tyre is mounted on the back door. They make it easier to access your spare wheel and reduce the risk of damage compared to mounting it underneath the vehicle. Rear wheel carriers also improve ground clearance for off-road driving and can accommodate larger tyre sizes, giving you more flexibility.

  • What size tyres can ARB’s rear wheel carriers accommodate?

    The ARB rear tyre carrier can accommodate twin 33” tyres or a single 35” tyre on most vehicles.

  • How secure is the spare tyre on the ARB rear wheel carrier?

    The spare tyre is secured to the stud plate with a lock nut, which includes the provision to fit a padlock. The carriers are also mounted via dual shear pivots for enhanced strength and durability.

  • Can I customise the ARB rear bar and wheel carrier system?

    Yes, you can add extra functionality and convenience to our rear carrier systems with extra features including:

    • Heavy-duty towing system
    • Dual laminated towing points
    • Hi-Lift jacking points
    • An extruded alloy step section
    • A powder coat finish with optional colour coding

    Some models also offer the provision to mount an optional HF aerial bracket and camp light. For more information, visit your nearest ARB store. Our 4×4 experts will help you find the right fit for your rig. 

  • Do I need a rear wheel carrier if my vehicle already has a factory tyre carrier?

    Not necessarily. While rear wheel carriers add protection and versatility, not all vehicles require them. Rear bars offer improved protection and ground clearance while maintaining a stylish and adventurous look for your 4×4. 

    Our rear bars are designed to accommodate various-sized tyres, including those mounted on factory tyre carriers, and include dual Hi-Lift jacking points and a low slip tread for easy vehicle access.

    Not sure what’s right for your vehicle? Head to your nearest ARB store and we’ll help you choose the best fit-out for all your on-road and off-road adventures.