Tow Bars & Accessories

Regardless of whether you are towing a well-loved caravan, a new camper trailer or a trailer full of work tools, a good quality tow bar gives you the freedom and flexibility to take your life out on the road.
ARB stocks a range of tow bars and accessories including the renowned Hayman Reese tow bar range to help put your plans into action. Hayman Reese tow bars are designed and manufactured to comply with relevant Australian Design Rules and Standards, and the highest quality is ensured throughout the production process.
Hitch receivers, tow balls and other accessories are also available through ARB. We are continually adding new products to this range so please contact your nearest ARB store for the latest additions.

Tow Bars

Hayman Reese Tow Bars

Australia’s leading tow bar manufacturer since 1951, Hayman Reese designs, fabricates tests and distributes a range of vehicle towing systems to ensure there is a solution for whatever you’re towing.

ARB supplies tow bar systems to suit a large range of vehicles. Designed to provide adequate ground clearance for 4WD’s, the Hayman Reese range means you can tow with confidence both on road and off.


  • Lifetime product warranty
  • Supported by ARB’s national distribution network
  • Includes socket and wiring when fitted by ARB
  • Designed to work with other ARB supplied accessories, such as fuel tanks and wheel carriers
  • SmartClick™ Plug-In Wiring Solutions

Towing Accessories

Hayman Reese Weight Distribution Systems

When coupled to a vehicle, the trailer’s total ball weight is applied directly onto the rear of the vehicle between the rear axle and tow ball. Like a seesaw, this weight transfer causes the front suspension to lift. On road, this arrangement can cause trailer sway, reduced steering and braking responsiveness and misaligned headlamps.

Although ball weight remains the same, a Weight Distribution System ensures the load is evenly distributed through the vehicle’s chassis, helping restore the geometry of the tow vehicle to its natural state. Complete with a lifetime warranty, a carefully matched system is the perfect solution to regain

control of your vehicle and improve the enjoyment of your towing experience. With varying vehicle manufacturer recommendations and a multitude of options available, we recommend you speak to one of our trained sales staff to find the correct system for your requirements.

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Other weight distribution accessories:

  • Drop shanks
  • Hitch park
  • Safety chain extenders
  • Boat trailer adaptor
  • Friction sway controller
  • Dual cam high-performance™ sway controller

Drop Hitch

The Drop Hitch eliminates the need to unhitch your off road camper, caravan, boat or horse float when you need to access the rear of your four wheel drive.

Many four wheel drives have the spare wheel mounted on or near the rear barn door. For many vehicles, the rear door cannot be opened when you attach a camper, caravan or boat.

The Tow Hitch uses the existing jockey wheel to lower the trailer without unhitching. This allows the rear barn door to be opened fully without obstruction, providing access to gear in the back of the vehicle.


  • Intended for use with the AT35, Tregg, Hyland and DO35 coupler or similar and any AS standard 50mm ball coupling
  • Laser cut

  • Raise or lower the drop hitch to level a trailer for overnight stops
  • Zinc plated for corrosion resistance
  • 3 year warranty

Redarc Tow-Pro Elite V3

The Redarc Tow-Pro Elite V3 features revolutionary inertia sensing technology and dynamically adjusts the braking force of the trailer by sensing vehicle deceleration.

Users have the ability to swap between automatic mode (inertia sensing) for smooth-braking, highway driving and a user-controlled mode for off-road adventures. Suitable for 12v or 24v systems, Redarc Tow-Pro Elite V3’s Active Calibration mode can be used with electric and electric/hydraulic braking systems all while being easily installed using the single drill installation process.

Universal fit kits are available for vehicles equipped with a towbar and trailer socket, with a range of vehicle-specific kits also available to make installation a breeze!


EBDK Kit Contents

  • Two-Pro Elite (with appropriate switch insert for the Remote Head)
  • Mounting bracket kit to secure Main Unit
  • Wiring (including suitable grommet where applicable)
  • Cale ties to secure wiring
  • Fitting instructions

CIKTP Kit Contents

  • Two-Pro Elite
  • Universal mounting bracket to secure Main Unit
  • Universal wiring
  • Several grommets
  • Fitting instructions


Vehicle Product Code
Ford Ranger CIKTP-001
Toyota HiLux EBDK-001
Toyota Fortuner EBDK-001
Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series EBDK-003
Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series EBDK-003
Toyota LandCruiser Prado EBDK-001
Toyota Kluger EBDK-002
Toyota RAV4 EBDK-004
Universal Tow-Pro Complete Installation Kit CIKTP-002
Universal Tow-Pro Extended Complete Installation Kit CIKTP-003
Vehicle-Specific Fit Kits

Redarc Electric Trailer Brake Controllers

Electric trailer brake controllers provide brake activation to trailers fitting with electric brake actuators.

Two Redarc models are available from ARB to suit trailers with up to three axles. Both are easy to install and use, and feature a dial to adjust braking force and an LED light to indicate when the brakes are on.

* Redarc Two-Pro Classic model pictured


  • Electric trailer brake controller to suit most applications
  • Manual over-ride capability in EB and EBRH
  • Compact and easy to install

ARB also carries the Hayman Reese Guardian IQ and Sentinel brake controllers, both of which are SmartClick™ compatible for plug and play functionality

Tow-Pro Accessories

Tow-Pro Wiring Kits

REDARC offer some vehicle specific installation kits for popular 4WD vehicles with all hardware deliver a quality and reliable outcome every time whilst protecting the integrity of the vehicle.

Tow-Pro Elite Switch Inserts

For most popular 4WD vehicles REDARC has a range of Switch Inserts which aid in the installation of the Tow-Pro Elite remote head, creating an OE-looking remote head mount, whilst still maintaining ADR21 compliance (when fitted correctly).

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Clearview Mirrors

Clearview’s range of mirrors are available to suit a range of vehicles,  with owners able to choose between electric or manual operation. Further enhancing aesthetic appeal are the options of either a black or chrome exterior finish.


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