Bushranger Winches

With low amp draw, high quality construction and a thermal overload sensor, the Bushranger range of winches combines value for money with reliable performance in any terrain.

Built to uncompromising standards, the Bushranger range of winches features tough, high quality construction and superior pulling power to deliver faultless vehicle recovery in extreme terrain.

With up to 23% lower amp draw than other industry leading winches, in addition to a limited lifetime warranty, Bushranger winches offer proven performance and reliability in any off road environment.


Bushranger Revo Winch

Bushranger Revo Winch


Series wound, 12V, 5.2HP (10S & 10W) or 6.2HP (12S) motor.


Series wound, 12V, 5.2HP (10S & 10W) or 6.2HP (12S) motor.

Rotatable motor housing

4 position motor clocking for versatility during fitting.

No lift clutch

Easy-to-use, spring loaded, cam-style clutch mechanism.

Aluminium alloy housings

Strong and lightweight, with a durable black powder coat finish

Zero brake drag

Zero drag braking system allows for the winch to be powered out under no load without heat build-up, making unspooling a breeze.

4 Stage oversized gearbox

Extra wide gears improve load distribution for less wear. Externally adjustable, 16 position gearbox rotation for ease of fitment and use.

Gearbox mounted braking system

100% load holding, proportional friction braking system located inside the gearbox, away from the drum - eliminating heat transfer to the synthetic rope.


Fully sealed motor, gearbox and drum for maximum protection from water, dust and debris.

Control Box

Multiple mounting orientations. Supplied with an additional mounting bracket for hassle free installation.