No off-road recovery setup is complete without a high-lift jack. Offering up to 1,230mm of lift and capable of bearing over 2,000kg, a high-lift jack is a hard-working, hard-wearing essential recovery item. With the ability to lift your vehicle well beyond the height achieved by standard OE vehicle jacks, a high-lift jack enables you to change a tyre, retrieve your vehicle from a bog, and slip recovery tracks under, and much more, during a recovery situation.

Whether you’re headed deep into the bush or out to the Australian coast, don’t leave home without a jack.

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ARB Jack

Designed to offer the functionality of a mechanical jack without the difficulty and sweat, the ARB Jack is by far the easiest and safest jacking solution for 4WD enthusiasts. Constructed from military grade nitride, the Jack is a durable asset to any off-road vehicle. Featuring an ergonomic handle, overload protection and safe and simple lowering, the ARB Jack takes the heavy lifting out of 4WD jacking.

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Hi-lift Jack

Offering renowned quality and endurance, the Hi-Lift Jack is a rugged and highly versatile piece of equipment designed to put you in command of any situation. Although light in weight and easy to handle in any situation, the Hi-Lift Jack has a rated capacity of 2,114kgs, making it an asset in a 4WD recovery situation.

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An off-road jack is capable of bearing over 2,000kgs of load, and you can achieve up to 1,230mm of lift.