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ARB offers a wide range of recovery essentials and accessories that will complete your recovery kit.
Starting with recovery boards from top brands like Tred Pro and Bushranger to shackles, water crossing covers, recovery gloves and so much more. Explore what’s on offer at ARB stores and stockists below!

Recovery Boards

Tred PRO

Specially designed for when you find yourself stuck off the beaten track without any help in sight – TRED Pro is the ultimate recovery device to get you out of trouble when traction is lost in even the toughest of conditions; whether it be in sand, mud or even snow.

Featuring a unique composite construction EXOTRED, TRED Pro are extremely durable, wear resistant and can handle high levels of flexibility; providing the ultimate traction by maintaining a high level of pressure on the tyre whilst withstanding the flex of being under vehicle weight on less than stable ground.

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ARB Tred Pro Colour Options

LIMITED EDITION desert sand board with black nodules

LIMITED EDITION desert sand board with black nodules

Black board with orange nodules

Black board with orange nodules

Grey board with orange nodules

Grey board with orange nodules

Black board with black nodules

Black board with black nodules

Tred Mounting Bracket

Tred Mounting Bracket

Featuring quick release handles and used in conjunction with the TRED mount adapter kits, the TRED mounting bracket allows you to easily and conveniently mount your set of TRED recovery boards.

Tred Mount Base Adaptor Kit
Flat Mount (TPMKBA01)

Tred Mount Base Adaptor KitFlat Mount (TPMKBA01)

For use with TRED Mount Baseplates to flat mount recovery boards on a roof rack where there are 25mm crossbar support tubes under mesh.

Tred Mount Base Adaptor Kit
Side Mount (TPMKBA02)

Tred Mount Base Adaptor KitSide Mount (TPMKBA02)

For use with TRED Mount Baseplates to side mount recovery boards on a roof rack where there is a 25mm upper tube rail and 35mm bottom base rail tubing. This kit has been designed to work with a center to center rail measurement of approximately 115mm to 160mm.

Bushranger 4x4 Gear XTRAX II


For a quick and easy recovery solution in sand, mud and snow, X Trax II are made with heavy duty rubber with galvanised steel cables and fittings. At 1.4 metres long, and 30cm wide, X Trax II can also be used as a leveller for caravans, a shower mat, a dampener, extended tracks and more.

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Recovery Shackles

ARB Steel Bow & Soft Connect Shackles

To securely connect your recovery gear together, ARB offers both Steel Bow Shackles and Soft Connect Shackles.
ARB Soft Connect Shackle is rated at 14.5T breaking strength suitable for vehicles up to 3.5T, the ARB Soft Connect Shackle is engineered to float in water and provide superior strength during recovery missions; the UHMWPE synthetic rope is encased in a high tensile braided sheild for added protection against cuts and abrasions.
ARB Steel Bow Shackles come in 5 different sizes from 1T to 8.5T, incorporating a fully powder-coated bow, perfect for matching to the ARB rated recovery points.

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Other Recover Essentials

Water Crossing Cover

Designed to divert water away from fragile radiator fan blades, the Water Crossing Cover creates a waves in front of the vehicle and assists with keeping the water level down within the engine bay.
Manufactured from tough polyester, the adjustment buckles features neoprene covers to protect vehicle paint work from damage, while the clear PVC headlight openings enable safe water crossings in low light.

Under vehicle mesh panels ensure built up water escapes quickly, and the supplied carrier pouch also doubles at a recovery strap pocket when the cover is in use.

ARB Recovery Gloves

For added protection during recovery, you can use the ARB Recovery gloves which are included in ARB’s recovery kits or you can purchase them separately.
ARB recovery gloves are perfect for keeping your hands protected and clean during recovery situations, general work on your vehicle or around the campsite. The synthetic materials reduce abrasion and wear as well as increase comfort while the moulded rubber impact guard provides knuckle protection as well as palm protection. The high abrasion-resistant material on the inside palm of the glove works well with wire or synthetic rope winch cables.

Magnum Hand Winch

When heavy duty recovery work is required, a mechanical hand winch is a cost effective alternative to a vehicle mounted winch.

Providing outstanding performance and reliability, the compact and lightweight Magnum hand winch is extremely durable, built using high quality steel and aluminium components.

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Drag Chain

Drag Chain

Five metres in length, this high tensile steel drag chain comes in a handy storage bucket. A hook to suit and a spare loop is available separately.

ARB Strap Wrap

ARB Strap Wrap

Manufactured from 50mm wide polyester webbing, the ARB Strap Wrap solves the problem of recovery straps becoming unravelled whilst being carried or when in storage.

Recovery Kits

Recovery Kits

ARB offers a range of recovery kits to suit every type of 4WDer, check out what’s on offer.

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MAXTRAX is light-weight, easy-to-use vehicle recovery and extraction device that’s easily carried by almost anything with four-wheels ensuring a practical way out if your vehicle becomes stuck.

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