After climbing up a steep and rocky hill at Poolamacca Station in his 1975 Suzuki LJ50, Jonathan Oliver was met at the top by two surprised bikers.

“Where’d you come from?” they asked, stunned. “Over there,” Jonathan smiled as he pointed toward the bottom of the rugged terrain.

The bikers labelled him as “mad” but for Jonathan, the climb was exhilarating.

With the power of a three-cylinder, 540cc two-stroke engine, the capability of his yellow LJ50 is “second to none” according to him and evokes the nostalgia of what 4WDing was once all about – simplicity. After owning many 4WDs and modifying quite a few “to the extreme”, wanting to return to his original 4WD roots saw him keep the LJ just as he found it: in its original condition with only a bit of tidying up to get it back on the road.



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