Getting Started

It doesn’t get much better than sharing 4×4 knowledge and experience with novice 4WD enthusiasts, fuelling their passions for exploring the road less travelled.

Our teammates at ARB Darwin, Alyce and Tanya are a great example; Alyce has been mentoring Tanya well beyond her sales role at ARB, showing her the ropes while they explore the local tracks of Darwin together.

Hitting the off road for just under two years now, Tanya has some tips & stories to share with fellow novice 4WDers, while Alyce shares her experience and knowledge of the local off road terrain in the latest addition to our ‘We Get It’ series.

“It doesn’t matter how new or what kind of car you drive, all that matters is getting out there and giving it a go.”

– Tanya Burgess & Alyce Dunstan (ARB Darwin)



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Our network is full of 4WD enthusiasts, and no matter what you’re doing with your 4WD; whether it’s outback touring, towing and camping or recreational weekend driving – at ARB, we get it!