Needing a bigger shed

When you’re not out on the tracks, is your next getaway the garage out the back?

Hitting the tracks is one adventure, but before that there’s always the excitement of getting your hands dirty and prepping your 4WD to get it off road ready and up-to-scratch.

Just like us, Chris from ARB Dubbo loves 4WDing. In fact, he loves every part of it – especially all the tinkering that goes on behind the scenes. When it comes to combining his love for 4WDing with his obsession for restoring vintage cars, a man can never have a big enough shed, right?

From finding the right ‘rust bucket’, through to swap meet missions and learning to bead roll and oxy weld, check out what’s gone on behind the doors of Chris’s shed full of vintage show cars.

“It’s unbelievably exciting when you get that last final piece to finish the job and you can start to get in and paint it and make it look like a real car.”

– Chris Seton, ARB Dubbo



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