Camping & Touring

There’s no better feeling than escaping the 9 to 5 by hitting the tracks and experiencing the freedom of the ‘great outdoors’, and to add to the creature comforts of fresh air and a crackling fire, ARB has a wide range of camping essentials and touring gear available.

From portable fridge freezers to help keep the drinks cold and camping chairs for those moments when it’s time to relax, to lighting solutions that’ll brighten your space well after the sun has set – we’ve got you covered.

Slide Kitchen

Camp Complete

From the campsite to the worksite, the roadside to the track or riverside – no matter where you are, imagine the convenience of a fully contained kitchen out the back of your 4WD. ARB’s Slide Kitchen features a stainless steel benchtop, gas stove, utensils drawer and sink which slides out of the back of your 4WD in a matter of seconds!

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ARB Fire Pit features 5-piece assembly

ARB Fire Pit

No matter if it’s for camp cooking, keeping warm or even entertaining guests in the backyard, ARB’s Fire Pit is Australian made and constructed from BlueScope’s weathering REDCOR® steel to offer a seriously sturdy and versatile solution when it comes to portable campfire setups.

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General Accessories

ARB Toastie Brander

ARB Toastie Brander

The ARB Toastie Brander is designed to make toasted sandwiches on the coals of an open fire or portable burner. Consisting of two cast iron plates, the handles are formed from Manchurian Ash timber. The Toastie Brander can cook a variety of sandwiches and as the name suggests, brands the ARB logo onto both sides of the sandwich.

Navigator Accessories

Navigator Accessories

Navigator is an outdoor caravan, camping & adventure label that provides accessories and tools for the modern-day nomad.

The range is made up of practical items that enhance the caravanning experience both on, and off road.

Guy Rope Set

Guy Rope Set

ARB’s Guy Ropes feature a spring-loaded tensioning system that absorbs shock to the peg in windy conditions, helping to keep the guy rope taut and the peg firmly planted in the ground. Its aluminium carabiner allows it to be simply and easily clipped on to the ARB awning.

Available in a two-pack, the guy ropes feature reflective sections to aid visibility in low light.

ARB Supergrip
Sand Pegs

ARB SupergripSand Pegs

The ARB Supergrip Sand Pegs will allow you to secure your tent with greater confidence than traditional pegs; penetrating deeply to hold in surfaces including sand, soft soil and snow. Available in high visibility orange and measuring 370mm in length, the pegs’ construction boasts an ergonomic head design for easy removal.

Available in packs of four.

Bushranger Gas
Hot Water Shower

Bushranger GasHot Water Shower

Whether you’re heading off on a short weekend trip or long-distance getaway, the Bushranger Portable Gas Hot Water Shower takes only a few minutes to set up to give the luxury of instant hot water – wherever you may be.