Tie Downs & Cargo Straps

ARB’s range of cargo straps and tie-down systems are designed to assist in the safe and simple stowage of luggage and equipment.

Cargo straps facilitate easy securing to a range of points on a vehicle or trailer, while tie-down systems can enhance available lashing points, offering convenience, as well as increasing safety.

Cambuckle Twin Pack

Ensure your cargo is secure with this high quality polyester webbing cambuckle twin pack. The cambuckle set allows you to strap a range of items to a range of vehicles safely and easily. Providing greater security than a traditional rope tie, the cambuckle set optimises safety and reduces the likelihood of cargo loss or damage, as well as keeping passengers and vehicles safe.



  • Zinc plated to enhance longevity and prevent corrosion
  • Complies with AS/NZS4380 standards
  • Included storage bag
  • Silicone cam sleeves
  • High-quality polyester webbing
  • 25mm x 1.8m cambuckle twin pack
  • 340 kilogram lashing capacity
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Ratchet Tie-Down

Available in two lengths

With the ability to maximise tie-down tension, a ratchet is one of the safest and most secure ways to transport cargo.

Suited to securing loads to racks, trailers and cargo areas, ARB’s ratchet tie-downs feature ergonomic rubber grips and zinc-plated hooks to ensure maximum tension and minimum risk of losing luggage or cargo.


Available lengths:

  • 50mm x 5m (RT06A) (lashing capacity 1000 kilograms)
  • 32mm x 3m (RT11A) (lashing capacity 750 kilograms)


  • High quality polyester webbing
  • Zinc plating for longevity and corrosion resistance
  • Compliant with AS/NZS4380 standards
  • Rubber handles
  • Safety orange finish and reflective markings for safety
  • Included storage bag
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Aluminium Track and Load Ring Set

ARB’s Tie-Down System allows for greater versatility when storing and transporting cargo. By mounting tie-down tracks virtually anywhere either internally or externally on a vehicle, available tie-down configurations are increased considerably, providing flexibility and convenience. Load rings can be easily adjusted, added and removed simply and easily to accommodate different cargo requirements.



  • 1200mm aluminium track
  • Two load rings included
  • Anodised and powder coating for superior protection against the elements
  • Chamfered ends on tracks
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Load Rings (twin pack)

Available as either a Track and Load Ring Set (LK01A) or Load Rings (Pair – LR01A) 

Expand your cargo capabilities by adding load rings to your vehicle or trailer set-up. Load rings provide safe and secure lashing points, allowing cargo straps to be effectively used to secure cargo and luggage in the safest possible way.



ARB’s Guy Ropes feature a spring-loaded tensioning system that absorbs shock to the peg in windy conditions, helping to keep the guy rope taut and the peg firmly planted in the ground. Its aluminium carabiner allows it to be simply and easily clipped on to the ARB awning.

Available in a two-pack, the guy ropes feature reflective sections to aid visibility in low light.


The ARB Supergrip Sand Pegs will allow you to secure your tent with greater confidence than traditional pegs; penetrating deeply to hold in surfaces including sand, soft soil and snow. Available in high visibility orange and measuring 370mm in length, the pegs’ construction boasts an ergonomic head design for easy removal.

Available in packs of four.