Ensuite Room

Discovering new places and taking on nature is something we at ARB carry out on the daily. With this in mind, we’re always trying to make the experience as easy and carefree as possible; presenting customers with a range of products to enhance the experience.

Take your off road living to the next level, with the privacy of ARB’s Ensuite Room providing a haven for those personal tasks that you’d prefer to really be alone for. Stray from the elements in this purpose built Ensuite Room, allowing your own secluded space.




Supported by integrated dual colour lighting options (warm and cool LED), a USB-C controller that is dimmable, as well additional optional roof or wall lighting

Quality Materials

Quality Materials

Based on an integrated heavy duty polyethylene floor with a corner drain hose and sheltered with 200 GSM silver coated canvas, only the best materials have been used to cover you in this haven

Accessory Versatility

Accessory Versatility

With personal preference in mind, there is three potential shower head mounting locations including the roof, backwall via velcro, and the backwall via hooks

Storage Options

Storage Options

The Ensuite Room has been equipped with five individual storage pockets for all those items you may need when in your space, as well as an integrated towel holder and two general wall hooks

Shower Head Mount Locations

3x shower head mount locations; roof, back wall Velcro, back wall hooks

Shower Head Mount Locations

3x shower head mount locations; roof, back wall Velcro, back wall hooks

Ample Storage

5x pockets for all your necessities

Purpose designed roof

Integrated roof for weather protection, made with centre bow for increased strength


200 GSM, silver coated canvas for protection from the elements

Adjustable height

The Ensuite Room is height adjustable to suit all lengths of people

Pegs included

Steel pegs have been included to ensure your ensuite room stays where it has been set up

Colour Options

Integrated dual colour lighting options, with warm and cool LED

Optional Lighting

Optional roof or wall lighting is also available

Lighting Controller

A USB-C controller is also included, making the lighting dimmable

Durable Flooring

Integrated heavy duty polyethylene flooring with a corner drain hose for easy cleaning

Toilet Roll & Accessories Holder

A lower toilet roll and accessories holder has been included for convenient use

Towel Holder

A higher towel holder has been included to keep your towel dry whilst you shower

Wall Hooks

Two general wall hooks have been equipped to hold any items with the ability to be hooked

Flexible Roof

Has the ability to be used with or without the roof equipped

Storage Bag

850GSM heavy duty PVC zippable storage bag to ensure it's protected whilst packed away

Durable body

Powder coated black main body with extrusion for integration with roof racks