In Charge

20th January, 2015

You can spend hundreds of dollars on high quality batteries for your touring set up, but even the most expensive battery won’t per form or last very long if it is not charged correctly. There is a heap of information out there about vehicle alternators and their ability to recharge a flat battery. As 4WDers and tourers, our area of interest Continue Reading

Into the Wild

20th January, 2015

STAYING SAFE IN CROC COUNTRY Words by Jessica Vigar. Photography by Offroad Images. From Kakadu’s rugged escarpments, sparkling waterholes and 500,000 year old rock galleries, to the lush rainforests and untamed wilderness of Cape York, Northern Australia is one of the most beautiful places in the world and a mecca for 4WD enthusiasts. A unique wilderness remaining relatively untouched, Australia’s north maintains its original beauty Continue Reading