2nd March, 2015

40 years ago, ARB released its first steel bull bar. In 2015, we are setting the benchmark once again with the launch of the all new ARB Alloy bull bar.

With modern passenger vehicles offering features such as vehicle integrated safety cells, dynamic vs traditional ladder frame chassis setups and a greater emphasis on fuel economy, alloy bull bars provide yet another option for when the ultimate strength characteristics afforded by a steel bull bar may not suit an individual’s requirements.

Developed entirely around a new design architecture, the Alloy bar includes unmistakable ARB heritage that is instantly recognisable on (and off) the road. With contemporary styling, the Alloy bull bar has been developed to complement modern vehicle design and achieve an ‘OEM’ appearance through the use of clean design cues and wide centre grille section. 4mm aluminium alloy is used for the outer wings and centre pan for maximum strength, while 60mm alloy outer tubing gives the bar a fresh characteristic – evoking a purposeful yet commanding on road presence. ARB’s renowned steel mounting system couples the Alloy bull bar to the vehicle with a series of high tensile bolts. Using steel mounts ensures the bar is capable of dealing with the demanding loads endured during winching.

Press forming is used extensively throughout the manufacturing process, lending to the Alloy bull bars ultra-premium style. Continuous, rounded edges further enhance functionality and laser cut holes allow for the fitment of  ARB Intensity LED and IPF driving lights. A precision fit winch cover panel neatly finishes the bar for when a winch is not fitted, and the all-new winch clutch opening concealed neatly in the grille section removes the need for clutch cut outs in the top pan of the bar.

Three types of alloys are utilised in the construction of the Alloy bull bar, with each specifically selected for maximum corrosion resistance and high fatigue strength. The visually stunning polished aluminium appearance is further enhanced through the use of the CMT (cold metal transfer) pulse welding process. This results in welds that appears similar to a layered stack of coins.


As with all ARB products, the Alloy bull bar has undergone significant testing during development. Extensive Finite Element Analysis (FEA) testing has been conducted to evaluate the structural performance of the new bar. Frontal animal strikes have been simulated up to speeds of 80 km/h, with the results demonstrating the vehicle remained mobile with the bar intact.

Real world testing has been conducted at the Australian Automotive Research Centre, providing ARB with repeatable and controlled variables. Winch load evaluation has also been performed with winch loads of up to 10,000lbs being placed upon the Alloy bull bar.


  • Vehicle specific design for the 2014 on Toyota Prado GX and GXL
  • 4mm alloy used for wings and pan
  • 60mm x 3mm alloy outer tube and 48mm x 3mm alloy cross tube
  • 30mm radius on wings and centre section
  • Engineered, air bag compatible mounting system secures to chassis via high tensile bolts and hardware
  • Split pan design for maximum strength and airflow
  • 2 piece grill design for split pan
  • Extensive steel under protection panels on centre and either side
  • Pressed top pan and aluminium winch cover panel
  • Suitable for both winch and non winch applications. The bar includes a pressed aluminium winch cover panel.
  • The lower pan features a knock-out roller fairlead panel, which is kept in place if no winch is being fitted
  • Durable two piece buffers
  • Will accommodate Warn, Magnum, Bushranger and Smittybilt low mount model electric winches up to 10,000lb
  • Provision to accommodate ARB Intensity LED lights, as well as a range of IPF lights
  • Provision for optional ARB fog light kit
  • Includes ARB LED indicator & clearance light
  • Two aerial brackets located on the top of the centre frame

Available June 2015, 2014+ Prado 150 GX & GXL models will be the first to receive the Alloy bar, with the range of vehicle applications to expand in time.

Read the full Alloy bull bar story in Issue 42 of ARB 4×4 Action, available this March.

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