19th November, 2015

After extensive development work and testing, ARB is pleased to release the all new Summit bar for the 2015 Toyota HiLux.

Up front, the ARB Summit bull bar enhances the swept and angular bonnet line, while complementing the overall future focused design of the HiLux. The bar provides a commanding aesthetic to the vehicle by utilising 60.3mm outer frame and cross bar tubing in the construction.

Fog Lights

ARB’s Summit bar for the HiLux features ARB’s new fog light surround that accepts ARB’s 51W Fog Light. The surround is supplied in a natural black finish and comes standard with a screw in cover if no fog light is fitted. Colour coding is available as an option.

Cover Strap

ARB’s Summit Bar features a 62.6mm press formed cover strap. The press form adds strength, and visually the wider cover strap suits the larger diameter tube and 30mm radius of the pans. The intersection of the cover strap and buffers is covered by a cover strap intersection cap.

Under Pan Protection Panels

Manufactured from 2mm laser cut steel, centre and side under pan protection panels are included as standard, providing protection from stones, water and other road debris.

Antenna Mounts

Twin aerial mounts are welded to the centre cross tube, allowing fitment of UHF/AM/GSM radio and mobile phone antennas. Synchro pulse controlled welding is used for a visually appealing weld, with seam quality that is comparable with that of a TIG weld.

Hi-Lift Jack Points

Hi-Lift jack points are located directly below the buffers providing a secure and easily accessible location for Hi-Lift jack usage.

Pressed Winch Cover

ARB’s Summit Bar for the HiLux is supplied with a 4mm aluminium press formed winch cover panel for when no winch is fitted. When installed, the winch cover panel is recessed in the press formed top pan to give a seamless and integrated appearance. The cover, along with the bar, is supplied in ARB’s new GX30 powder coat finish. To match vehicle paint work, colour coding is optional.

Driving Lights

The pressed top pan includes laser cut holes for fitment of a range of compatible driving lights, including ARB Intensity and IPF 808, 800 and 900 series lights. Pinning holes for ARB Intensity lights are included as standard.

Press Formed Top Pan & Winch Cover Panel

ARB’s Summit bar range features a press formed top pan winch cover panel. Press forming adds strength to the pan whilst allowing for the winch cover panel to be recessed for a integrated appearance.

Buffers, Centre Pan Grille and Fog Light Surround

The HiLux Summit bar features two piece buffers, centre pan grille and ARB’s fog light surround. All three components are designed to integrate with each other and the bar design.

The upright section of the two piece buffer has a style line to complement the fog light surround. The intersection of the cover strap and buffer is concealed by a cover strap intersection cap to neatly finish the design.

Providing airflow to the radiator and intercooler, the wider split pan has a two piece grille for an integrated, OE style appearance. An access door allows easy access to the winch clutch handle. This door also overcomes clutch lever access when larger driving lights are fitted to the top pan.

Winch Fitment

The Summit bar has an integrated control box mount that recesses the control box low into the pan. Various mount holes and control box mount brackets are provided to suit different winches.

The recessed control box mount, in conjunction with the wider split pan, greatly assists with airflow requirements of the HiLux.

The ARB Summit bar for HiLux 2015 on (wide body 4×4 and 4×2 Hi Rider) models is available now. Contact ARB for part numbers and pricing, or click the link below to learn more.

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