5th August, 2015

We are pleased to announce that Nissan’s recently released NP300 Navara is the second vehicle to receive the ARB Alloy bar treatment.

ARB’s new Alloy bar range is developed based upon utilising an alloy structure without compromising strength and reliability. To achieve the weight saving function expected of an alloy bar, ARB’s engineers have concentrated on strength through design.

Three different alloys and tempers are used in production of the ARB Alloy bar. These specific grades of alloy have been chosen to provide excellent corrosion resistance and high fatigue strength.

Chassis mounts, initially developed for the NP300 Summit Bar, have been utilised to ensure that the Alloy bar is securely mounted to the chassis and the crush rate characteristics of the air bag system are retained. The bar mounts have had extensive Finite Element Analysis (FEA) testing and destructive crush testing to ensure they do not deviate from the manufacturer’s chassis impact characteristics.

A number of design elements are featured in the ARB Alloy bar for the NP300, including the 30mm radius on the wings and centre pan, 60mm outer tube, 48mm centre cross tube, separate bolt-in winch mount, press formed top pan and winch cover, buffers and a two piece centre grille.