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Whether it’s a roof box to increase your luggage storage space, a rack that’ll keep your bike secure when you’re on the road or even a carrier to get your surfboard or skis to your destination safely and back, ARB has you covered. When it comes to sport and leisure carriers for your vehicle, ARB has the perfect solution for every vehicle.

Our range includes:

Our products are crafted to the highest standards and are designed to fit seamlessly on a huge range of 4x4s. They’re perfect for anyone looking to haul extra gear securely and stylishly. So whether you’re setting off on a family holiday or heading to the mountains for a solo adventure, our range of roof bike carriers will help you get ready for your next journey.

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  • How do I know if a roof bike carrier is compatible with my vehicle?

    Simply click “Select Your Vehicle” and enter your 4×4’s make, model and series. We’ll show you a comprehensive range of vehicle accessories compatible with your rig.

    To safely transport your bikes on a roof bike carrier, ensure your vehicle’s roof and roof bars can support the carrier’s weight and dimensions. If your vehicle doesn’t have roof bars, you’ll need to install them to use a roof mounted bike carrier.

    Check that your vehicle’s existing accessories, such as canopies or extra gear, allow enough clearance and are compatible with the new bicycle roof carrier. This is important for maintaining safety and functionality on your next adventure.

  • What if my vehicle doesn't have roof bars for a bike carrier?

    You’ll need to install a set of roof bars to mount a bike roof carrier. This setup lets you safely and securely attach a bike carrier for roof bars and accessories. If your vehicle doesn’t have roof bars, visit your nearest ARB store and we’ll find the right set for your right.

  • Should I check the weight limit of my vehicle before installing a set of bike racks?

    Check the weight limit for your vehicle’s roof and ensure that the total weight of the roof, bike rack and bicycles does not exceed this limit. This helps maintain safety while allowing you to carry your bikes quickly and securely.

  • How can I attach a bike roof carrier with existing roof racks?

    Let us do the hard work for you. Find your nearest ARB store and we’ll help you find the right fit for your vehicle. Plus, we can install your new bike roof carrier on your existing roof racks. Visit us today!

  • Do roof bike racks comply with road safety regulations?

    Yes, as long as they are secured correctly. You also need to ensure that the rack and bikes do not obstruct visibility or interfere with the vehicle’s lights or safety features.

    If your roof-mounted bike carrier obscures any lights or the number plate on your vehicle, you can attach additional lighting or a license plate holder to meet visibility and safety requirements. Always check the road safety regulations of your local area to ensure you can ride without legal concerns.

  • How should I maintain my roof bike rack?

    Regular maintenance of your roof bike rack should include cleaning it with gentle soap and water, lubricating any moving parts and checking for wear and tear. Properly storing your bike rack when not in use will extend its life and maintain its sleek appearance for future use.

    We can provide you with safety and cleaning tips for your new bike carrier at your nearest ARB store. Visit us today for all your installation and maintenance needs.