24th February, 2015

ARB is pleased to release two new models to the Ascent canopy range – 2012+ Isuzu D-Max and Holden Colorado.

Incorporating a new unique shell, styled to suit each vehicle, the Ascent canopy combines tried and proven ARB designs, while incorporating a range of new and innovative features. This premium canopy complements each dual cab pick-up by offering an exciting, stylish and superior product.

Ascent Canopy Features

  • Vanishing edge shell design, where the painted canopy seamlesly integrates with the painted tub of the vehicle
  • Aerodynamic styling with integrated rear spoiler and E-mark approved LED brake light
  • Innovative, patented canopy attachment rail, firmly secured to the recommended vehicle hard points
  • Frameless, curved & tinted glass, improves the appearance of the canopy from all angles
  • Improved security with remote central locking for the rear door and side lift up windows, activated from the vehicle key fob
  • No handles, with the inclusion of electronic unlatching of the side lift up windows and rear door
  • Three dimensional curved rear door glass with ‘invisible’ hinge
  • Slimline canopy vent provides positive pressure inside the canopy to reduce dust ingress
  • Improved sealing onto the vehicle tub, especially at the rear door/tailgate junction
  • Clean visual interior incorporates the latest design to conceal fasteners and wiring looms
  • Automatic activation of the LED interior light on door opening
  • Plug-n-Play wiring harness to assist with installation onto the vehicle

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