Cargo Barriers

In the event of emergency braking or a collision, the effects of having unrestrained cargo thrown forward can be catastrophic. For this reason, a cargo barrier is an essential piece of equipment in any 4WD wagon.



Providing protection from cargo items, once the initial installation is complete, the cargo barrier can easily be adjusted or removed if needed.

Note: Hayman Reese cargo barriers are not compatible with the range of ARB  drawer modules.



Specially designed to follow the unique contours of each individual vehicle make, Autosafe’s cargo barriers are made in Melbourne, Australia, come with a 4-year warranty and are tested and certified to meet Australian standards.




A great way to separate a fridge freezer from heavy or damaging items or simply to create more storage options within the vehicle. The divider and top-shelf integrate quickly with an existing Outback Solutions half cargo barrier, mounted to an Outback Solutions drawer module. For flexibility, the divider and shelf can be removed should the need arise.


  • Why should I invest in a cargo barrier?

    Quality cargo barriers are crucial for anyone looking to enhance the safety and protection of their vehicle. They help ensure unrestrained cargo doesn’t become a hazard by flying forward into the cabin or back seat during a sudden braking event or accident. It’s all about keeping both the driver and passengers safely secured.

  • What makes sealed barriers different from other types of cargo barriers?

    Sealed barriers are designed to offer an additional level of protection by limiting the movement of dust, fumes and noise between the car’s cabin and the cargo area. This is especially beneficial for work vans and other commercial vans where safety and cleanliness are critical.

  • Can cargo barriers be customised to suit different types of vehicles?

    Yes, cargo barriers can be tailored to suit a wide variety of vehicles, from family SUVs to work vans. Whether you’re looking to safeguard your car for family trips or need a robust solution for commercial use, we’ve got the right barrier to secure your goods.

  • Are cargo barriers suitable for all vans and cars on the market?

    Most cargo barriers are designed to be versatile and fit a broad range of vehicles on the market, including both vans and cars. It’s important to select a barrier that fits well with your specific vehicle model to ensure maximum safety and effectiveness.

  • How do cargo barriers protect your passengers in the event of an accident?

    In the event of an accident, a cargo barrier acts as a strong shield that prevents unrestrained cargo from crashing into the back seat or cabin area. This can significantly reduce the risk of injury to passengers and ensures that items in the cargo area remain securely in place.

  • How do cargo barriers help keep my vehicle clean and organised?

    Cargo barriers not only improve safety but also help maintain cleanliness and organisation within the vehicle. By compartmentalising the space, they prevent cargo from shifting and spilling during transit, which is especially useful in work vans where equipment and supplies need to remain in order.

  • Can I install a cargo barrier myself, or do I need professional help?

    While some cargo barrier models are designed for easy DIY installation, we recommend having them professionally installed to ensure they are securely fitted and meet safety standards. Professional installation guarantees the barrier is correctly anchored and optimally positioned to suit your vehicle’s specific make and model. Visit your nearest ARB for professional advice as well as safety tips, tricks and more.

  • Are there regulations or standards that quality cargo barriers must meet?

    Yes. In many regions, cargo barriers must meet specific safety and protection standards set by vehicle and traffic authorities. These standards ensure that barriers are capable of withstanding the forces of an accident and effectively secure the cargo to prevent injury.

  • What is the impact of cargo barriers on vehicle insurance premiums?

    Installing a cargo barrier can potentially lower your vehicle insurance premiums by reducing the risk of injury and damage to the vehicle during an accident. Insurance companies often recognise the added safety features and may offer discounts accordingly. However, this depends on your insurance provider and your vehicle’s make and model.

  • How do I choose the right cargo barrier for my 4x4?

    If you frequently transport heavy equipment or goods, look for a robust, high-quality cargo barrier that can handle significant weight and pressure. A standard barrier may suffice for general use, such as family trips or light commercial activities. Ensure the barrier is versatile enough to handle various types of cargo while providing the necessary safety and protection.

  • Are cargo barriers removable or adjustable for multipurpose vehicle use?

    Many cargo barriers are designed to be adjustable or removable, giving you the flexibility to share them across vehicles. This is particularly useful for drivers who use their vehicles for both personal and professional purposes, enabling quick configuration changes based on immediate needs.

  • How do I care for and maintain my cargo barrier?

    Maintaining a cargo barrier involves regular inspections for any signs of wear, damage, or loose fittings. It’s important to ensure that all connections and mounts are tight and the barrier itself is free from rust or corrosion, especially in vehicles that are frequently exposed to harsh environments. Cleaning the barrier with mild soap and water will help keep it in good condition and prevent dirt buildup.

  • What materials are commonly used to make cargo barriers?

    Quality cargo barriers are typically made from strong, durable materials like steel or aluminium. These materials are chosen for their robust properties, ensuring that the barrier remains secure and effective in protecting against a sudden braking event or accident.

  • Can cargo barriers be used in passenger cars?

    Yes, cargo barriers are not only for vans or 4x4s. They can also be installed in passenger cars, especially station wagons and SUVs, if you need secure items in the cargo area away from the passenger cabin. Each barrier is designed to suit the specific model of the car to ensure optimal fit and functionality.