Modular Roller Drawer Systems

Completely modular, the range of drawer systems can be individually tailored to your needs and vehicle. Exclusive to ARB and suitable for many vehicles including wagons, utes (including extra cab), and trailers, this system can be used in non-vehicle applications such as sheds and warehouses.

Three heights of modules are available, in a range of sizes, resulting in more than 200 possible configurations, all backed by a two year warranty.

ARB Roller Drawers, Cargo Barriers, Child Restraint Anchorages are crash-tested and compliant to ADR (safety requirements) AS/NZS (Partial Cargo Barriers) ADR (Seats and Seat Anchorages) ADR (Child Restraint Anchorages).

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For convenient storage of items such as recovery equipment and clothing, the traditional style roll out drawer comes with a fixed top. This allows for additional modules to be stacked on top, or provides a flat surface for storing other, larger items.



The traditional style roll out drawer with a rolling top gives you plenty of storage space and allows a fridge freezer to be easily mounted on top, enabling it to be rolled in and out as required. Available in three sizes and unlike other products on the market, this module utilizes a true flat floor.



The mid-height roller floor drawer features all of the strength related characteristics of our full-height models and are compatible with a range of accessories including cargo barriers, tie-down points and air systems mounts.



For convenient access to your car fridge, the low level roller floor sits only 140mm above the floor of your vehicle. Available in three sizes, it incorporates a storage tray underneath for smaller items, and like the larger drawers, utilizes a flat floor for easy placement of other items when not carrying a fridge.

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ARB Roller Drawer Table

Have you ever tried to take multiple items out of your ARB fridge but had nowhere to place them? Have you ever tried finding a clean bench space to cut up lunch? It was out of these needs where the invention of a slide out stainless steel table was born.

Utilising quality materials and finished in a 304 grade brushed stainless steel finish, the ARB Roller Drawer Table provides a hygienic surface for a vast array of touring or worksite needs, such as food preparation, or additional bench space. The stainless steel sliding table attaches to the top of the ARB Outback Solutions roller drawer, and can be deployed when the drawer is in either the open or closed position.

Completely closed position

Completely closed position

Neatly tucks away, easy to extend out by pulling the handle.

Closed position on an open drawer

Closed position on an open drawer

Can be utilised as a compressed table when looking to minimise space used.

Fully extended table on an open drawer

Fully extended table on an open drawer

Able to be extended beyond the drawer itself as a freestanding platform.

Fully extended table on a closed drawer

Fully extended table on a closed drawer

Freestanded option available when the drawer itself is closed.

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ARB Cable Guide

Are your fridge or battery cables untidy, interrupting the sliding motion of the fridge roller, or getting caught up in cargo while you’re on the move?

With the ARB Cable Guide accessory, you’ll be able to declutter, protect and complete your unique drawer set-up by providing a safe and enclosed track for your cables! Available in a 1m length that can be shortened to accommodate your fridge size, drawer length and drawer set-up, this handy accessory can also be run under the floors or power outlets added to the side floors to give a more seamless finish.

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  • What are modular roller drawer systems?

    Think of these systems as the ultimate organisation hack for your car, trailer, or even your shed. They’re customisable storage space setups that let you mix and match components to easily mounted configurations to suit just about any space. Perfect for keeping all your gear tidy and in place, no matter where you’re headed.

    With over 200 different setups possible, you can tweak, adjust, and reconfigure our drawers to fit perfectly in your vehicle or space. Whether you need a compact drawer setup for your tools or a larger configuration for camping gear, our outback drawer systems have got you covered.

  • Are drawer systems safe to use in my vehicle?

    Definitely. Every component, from the 4WD drawer systems to the cargo barriers, is crash-tested to meet strict safety standards. This means you can drive easy knowing everything in the back is secure, even if you have to hit the brakes hard.

  • What can I keep in my 4x4 drawers?

    Just about anything that fits! These drawers are great for stashing recovery equipment, clothes, tools — you name it. Plus, the sturdy top of the drawer can handle additional gear stacked on top, or it can serve as a true flat floor for bigger items.

  • What is the ARB Roller Drawer Table used for?

    Ever found yourself juggling items outside your fridge freezer or looking for a clean spot to chop some veggies at a tailgate? That’s where the ARB Roller Drawer Table comes into play. It’s a sleek, slide-out table that attaches right to your drawer setup, perfect for food prep or just keeping things off the ground.

  • Why do I need an ARB Cable Guide for my drawer system?

    Cable chaos is a thing of the past with the ARB Cable Guide. This nifty addition helps keep all your cables neatly tucked away, so they won’t snag or get tangled while you’re accessing your drawers. It’s especially great for keeping fridge slide and battery system cables in check.

  • Can ARB 4x4 drawer systems handle a car fridge?

    They sure can! The low-height roller floor is specifically designed to make accessing your fridge freezer a breeze. It even includes a handy tray underneath for all those smaller bits and pieces, making it super practical for road trips and off-road adventures.

  • How hard is it to install a 4x4 drawer system?

    It depends on the setup and your vehicle, but generally, these systems are designed for straightforward installation. That said, if you’re not super handy or just want to ensure everything’s perfect, it might be worth getting a professional to handle it at your nearest ARB store. Either way, you’ll be enjoying organised bliss in no time.

  • How do I take care of my drawer system?

    Keep it clean and give it a quick once-over now and then to make sure everything’s working as it should. A simple wipe-down and occasional check on the moving parts should keep your drawers sliding smoothly and your gear in great shape.

  • Can I use these systems outside of a vehicle?

    You bet! These drawers are just as handy in a shed or warehouse as they are in a ute or wagon. If you’ve got stuff to store, these drawers can make any space more functional.

  • Do your outback drawer systems come with a warranty?

    We back our drawer systems with a two-year warranty, so you’re covered in case anything goes wrong. Visit your nearest ARB store for more information.

  • What if I need to change things up down the road?

    Flexibility is one of the best features of our 4×4 drawer systems. You can reconfigure or even remove the drawers if your needs change. It’s all about making your space work for you, no matter how those needs evolve.