GME Radios & Antennas

Regardless of whether you’re deep in the Outback or on a weekend off road foray, a reliable communication system is paramount. GME manufactures a vast range of quality radio equipment and accessories to ensure you’re always in contact no matter where you are. Combining tough, durable electrics with smart, easy-customisation technology, GME is the leader in radios engineered to survive harsh off road conditions.

Handheld vs Fixed

Any 4wDer or long-distance traveller should consider installing a fixed-mount radio. They are connected to your car, which means no risk of running out of battery, and will pick up long distances so you can find out if anything is coming towards you.

Handheld radios are good for anyone using radios on foot such as road workers, 4WD spotters and staff at events. These radios are good for short distances, limited time and in recovery situations.